Qingdao Jia Garment Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1988 , is one of China's first production of textiles, clothing, printing and dyeing machinery enterprises. 2001 changed its name , and shares respectively transformation, in 2003 the new eight thousand square meters of modern factory . The new factory is located in " China Knitting city" east of Qingdao Jimo City, " China Blue Valley core area" of the spa town , here is the high-end talent, advanced technology, capital accumulation area of the world , and is a world famous tourism, holiday resort , the famous Shandong University's new campus sits here .

        Qingdao Jia Garment Machinery Co., Ltd. currently employs more than 50 people, including professional and technical personnel , including three undergraduates . Long-term and Shandong University, East China University of joint R & D, continuous improvement and innovation . The company 's main products three series , dozens of varieties, inspection machine, cloth cutting machine , heat transfer machine is a world leading , best-selling domestic and Southeast Asia, South America , Africa and the Middle East. Turnover of more than ten million dispute .

DFYB type reverse sewing machine inspection mercy
TB pneumatic marking machine and ironing
YB -type swing before the inspection machine
YJZB multifunctional fabric inspection machine
LBH -type horizontal Cheb machine
YJ type front roll inspection machine
SB type Songbu machine